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Bachelor and bachelorette party

Are you looking for smart ideas for grooms and brides to spend last out of cell time having fun and smiling? Bored of streap tease, disco nights or the usual surprise party? Just choose to let grooms and brides flying, gift them a great emotion and a memory to preserve, plan an unusual day off, making them stunned from the beginning of the day til the moment when they’ll take off and open their eyes on breathe-taking landscapes!


You can choose to dress up your friend as you prefer: do you have funny, embarassing or amusing dresses to make him dress? Just submit us them! It’ll be funny to catch a spiderman flying, but even an odd pink rabbit or an unlikely fairy! 


Tell us who you are and we’ll plan your day off

If you wish to customize this funny day with your friends, you can tell us who is future husband and we’ll match the flight with something that will surprise him even more! A kart race, a half day spa entrance or a dive in a wild river? Just some ideas that you can choose to combine your flights!


“Goodbye” cocktail at Fly Lounge

To drink to the new life of the partied you can sit at our Fly Lounge, to the upper floor of our location: spritz, wine or cocktails to drink together and celebrate your friend…cocktail and groom pics are for free!


We are waiting for you... ready to have fun... flying!


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