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What is the flight about?

Thanks to our special certified harness, you will be locked in a trolley that runs free on a steel cable; the position of flight is horizontal, facing downwards (as the experience of paragliding). The cable is extended between the two slopes of a beautiful mountain valley, and its inclination is calculated with the purpose of offering you the longest and the most exciting flight possible, avoiding strong speeding up and in a totally natural way.
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How long is the cable?

The cables are 1.5 km long, for the Albaredo – Bema segment and 1.0 km for the Bema-Albaredo segment.
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How long is the flight?

The flight takes about 1min20sec for the Albaredo – Bema segment (1.5km) and about 1min for the Bema-Albaredo one (1.0km).
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Is any physical effort required?

No physical effort is required to fly with Fly Emotion. All the maneuvering and docking release are assisted by our staff. You just have to be able to lower yourself in order to put all your weight to the harness (while stationary) and prepare for departure, while a special mobile platform will help you to stand again when you reach the destination.Doyou have any special request about mobility?Get in touoch with our customer service.
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Minors can fly?

Of course, the flight is open to all (with some weight limitations: 70Kg as a minimum for the single flight and 100Kg for the dual flight, 120Kg as a maximum for the single flight and 180Kg for the dual flight and a minimum height of 110 cm). The unaccompanied minors must produce the consent form signed by the parent or by the legal guardian of the child ((click here to download the form), together with a photocopy of the signatory’s ID. For accompanied minors the authorization of the parent / guardian is required.
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Is it safe?

Safety comes first. All our components are redundant, highly tested, certified and submitted to regular checks. Our plant has a security system and our personnel is specially trained to assist you at their best, making sure that all safety conditions are complied to the highest degree.
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Which is the height?

The highest point of the Albaredo-Bema segment is at approx. 234m, while on the return segment from Bema to Albaredo the valley is deeper and the maximum height reached is of around 362m.
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I have dizziness, may I fly?

“People use the word "dizziness" to describe a variety of sensations, that start from vertigo, to giddiness, to weakness and even the real dizziness"”1. Looking down from a completely safe position, where your body feels safe, as lying down or in a horizontal position in a full body harness, usually doesn't cause any kind of disease. Hundreds of people that declared to suffer of dizziness, have tried Fly Emotion, had lot of fun and didn't experiment any kind of disease. However, even there is no danger at all (you are in a harness), if a doctor identified a serious dizziness, probably Fly Emotion is not for you. Keep relaxing at our coffee bar and wait for your friend tasting a cocktail!
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How it works dual flught?

Fly Emotion has realized a special harness, derived from the world of paragliding, which allows the attachment of a second person to the single harness. The connection is made with 4 safety snap-hooks, with anti-opening and two buckle safety hooks (a total of 6 attachment points). In this way, all the weight of both people is entrusted entirely to the harness, allowing you to share this emotion in great comfort and safety..
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What happens if it rains?

We'll do our best to get the best weather forecast and we alert our flyers for bad weather closing; however Fly Emotion is still an openair activity. In case of soft rain, you’ll be provided with a waterproof suite and safety glasses, to enjoy totally of an experience even more incredible and unique. In case of strong wind or bad weather the flights will be temporarily suspended. If the interruption continues for a long time we will be happy to offer a solution of flight at another time or date . (notice: read terms and conditions of sale).
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How do I reach the departure station in Bema?

Our shuttle is available for the segment between arrival station (Trail 1)– departure station (Trail 2) on the slope of Bema. The journey takes about 10minutes, with the opportunity to visit the historic center of the village of Bema by communicating it to the Ticket Office.
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When I need to check in?

You must be at the check-in 30min before the scheduled time (for ex. for a flight that is scheduled between 10:30 and 11:00, you must be at check-in not later than 10:00). People arriving after this time limit will not be guaranteed the access to the flight (see terms and conditions of sale) and their ticket will not be refunded..
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How do I come back in Albaredo if I don't wish to fly back?

For organizational reasons, we grant the availability of other solutions than the flight to come back to Albaredo, only if the plant is off..
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Is it possibile to postpone a booked flight?

Yes, it'll be possible do the change, relating to the avalibility on the site, just by 2 days before the date of the flight, as follows: (i) paying 5 euro of penalty if the chang is between 2 and 5 days before the day of flight;(ii) for free if the change is made more than 5 days before the date of the flight. If the change of the date has a new price greater than the one bought at the beginning, the Customer will pay the difference when the chang will be made. 

Is it possible to take a personal cam during the flight?

As you fly over sensitive areas (roads, private properties, etc...), for safety reasons it is NOT allowed to keep during the flight personal cams or mobiles; if you wish to film the flight you can rent our cams, that have a special attach on our helmet and on our wristbend
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May I fly with an istructor?

Unfortunately for organizational reasons we can't guarantee this solution. You don't need any technical or physical skill to fly, keep in touch with our customer service.
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1 http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vertigine_(medicina)

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