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Fly Emotion experience

Thanks to Fly Emotion, now everyone can fly!

Fly Emotion is a new attraction, fit for everyone, kids and adults: no effort is required, you need just to enjoy the flight and Valtellina landscape!

Thanks to a special harness, you will be fixed to a cart that runs through an iron rope and proceed thorugh an untouched mountain valley, giving you emotions and great landscapes. At the arrival a special breaking system will slow you down in a natural and automatic way. 

Each ticket allows you to fly on two flight trails: you "take off" from Albaredo per San Marco and you "land" in Bema to come back flying from Bema to Albaredo, two unique centers in the middle of Orobie National Park.

Do you prefer to fly with your family or your friends? Fly Emotion offers the unique dual flight, that allows you to fly through the valley within another person: everyone can share the exiting flyong experience, making it more special.

What to do to fly

Purchase your ticket choosing from the following solutions:

Check Height and weight limits before choosing your flight configuration.

For further informations on ticket prices click here.

How the flight works


The day of your flight, come to our Ticket Office(in the main square of Albaredo) for check in with your ticket. You will be given a number that identifies the sequence of the flyers and wait for your turn, looking to the other flyers taking off or to our coffe bar for a tasty breakfast or a cocktail.
At the check in you can choose to film your flight, renting one of our special full HD action cameras – click here to read more

Briefing and dressing up

Our staff will provide you with all the needed equipment (harness and helmet) and will tell you how to wear it, checking if everything is in the right position. Avalaible on demand2 safety glasses to wear during the fllight (adviced if you wear contact lenses). You can wear your own glasses if they are enough thight. With soft rain you will be equipped wit a waterproof jacket.

1 - The discovering flight

Now...you're ready to fly! The first flight takes you from Albaredo to Bema, with a panoramic and exiting experience that lasts more than 1,5 minutes. Our staff will fix the cart to the rope; at the arrival station our special breaking system will slow you down and an operator will unfasten you.

Transfer to the second departure

At the arrival in Bema, our mini-shuttle willtake you and your group, til the second flight departure.

2 - The dive

Our shuttle will take you to the second departure, to the trail that will take you back in Albaredo, few steps from where you departed, through a breath-taking flight 1 minute long, at a height of almost 400 mts.



1 At the ticket office you'll pay the maximum rate.
2 The glasses are provided paying 2 euro each; during rainy days and renting a cam you'll get them for free.

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