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Marmot - Yellow Course

The "Marmot" Course is designed for children and teenagers who reach a height of at least 110 cm. The young participants will have the possibility to venture inside Aerobosco and play with 9 games.

Pass through the bridge pegs, take the 13 m long zip-line, then cross bridges and wooden boardwalks and climb nets to reach the final zip-line, which is also 13 m long, and get back to the ground. Throughout the course, the kids will be attached to the safety line, which is designed to prevent the accidental release of the carabiner. The maximum height of the games from the ground is about two meters.


Gecko - Green course (Level: easy)

The "Gecko" Course is suitable for teenagers and adult who reach a height of at least 140 cm and weigh no more than 120 kg. This course is made up of 8 games and stand out for its three long zip-line (the longest one is 35 m). Furthermore put your balance to the test, through the swinging beam and the 16-meters-long lianas bridge


Owl - Blue (Level: medium)

The “Owl" course has a medium difficulty and is suitable for users who reach a height of at least 140 cm and weigh no more than 120 kg. You can play with 7 games, prove your ability, go through the 50-meters-long zip-line and then venture to tree-climbing up to 5 m height.

Hawk - Red course (Level: medium-hard)

The"Hawk" Course is fit for users in a good shape, who reach a height of at least 140 cm and weigh no more than 120 kg. There are 8 games, each one is a hurdle to overcome: bridges of lianas, swings, net to climb and the famous TARZAN JUMP. A real adventure surrounded by greenery and fresh air!



In all courses safety comes first! Having fun with confidence and respect for the environment is the key to make the most of this adventure.


*In the “Marmot course” children must be under supervision of a responsible parent or guardian.


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