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How does the entry to the Park work?

By accessing Fly Emotion-Aerobosco you have the opportunity to experience an adventure surrounded by the greenery of the Orobic Alps Park. There are four courses suitable for different age and abilities.

How long last the course?

The ticket entitles you to access the park for maximum two hours. Our instructor will take note of the time of entry into the park (starting from the initial briefing) and the time of return the material at the Ticket Office. During this time you can access all courses (within the limits of height and weight).

How many people can access a course at a time?

Each game can be used by one person at a time, but on every course can access more people. The maximum number of people in the Park is about 40, so that everyone can enjoy the experience without queuing or waiting too long.

How can I reach the entrance of the Park?

The Adventure Park is located in the village of Bema, you need to park at the entryway of the village near the helicopter landing field. From here follow a short marked path to reach our Ticket Office (10 minute walk). After receiving the material you need, another short path (10 minute walk) leads to the entrance of the park where you will meet our instructor for the initial briefing.

What is the material included?

The material provided includes: helmet, harness, pulley for zip-line and carabiner with safety line system. All our equipment is constantly monitored and inspected.

Do I need a technical clothing?

You MUST wear closed toe shoes, better sneakers or boots; we also recommended comfort clothing as being among the trees and in nature you may get dirty or get entangled in branches or equipment.

What is the safety line system?

The continue lifeline system PREVENTS accidental release of the carabiner. This innovative safety system automatically keeps the participant always hooked into the steel cable; therefore it is impossible for anybody to be dropped from the safety cable. You will be able to play among the trees with no risk. Absolute security is guaranteed.

Is there an instructor?

Two of our qualified instructors will be in the Park to ensure your safety.

Do I need special ability to access the Park?

No, the courses are accessible to all users including beginners. However, it is necessary to have a good mobility. For the most demanding courses being in a good shape is required.

Which are the opening hours of the park?

The opening hours of the park depend on the season. Check on our booking system the updated schedule. (Click here)

Do I need to book the ticket online?

It is strongly recommended to book and buy your ticket online, especially on weekends, to avoid long waiting times and ensure your entrance to the Park.

Can I buy the ticket for Aerobosco at the Ticket Office in Bema?

Yes, you can. The price is 18 euro per person.

What if I’d like to buy a ticket for Fly-Emotion-Aerofune?

At the Ticket Office, the cost is 49 euro for the flight in single and 79 euro for the dual flight. You can combine the online purchase of the flight and the entrance to the adventure park, greatly saving; for more information click here.

I have already bought a ticket for the flight from Albaredo, can I also access the park Aerobosco?

After doing your flight (which includes two flight trails, from Albaredo to Bema and back) you will need to drive to Bema to access the park . For organizational reasons, you will need to reach Bema with you own vehicle (about 15 km, 30 minutes drive). The cost of the ticket is 18 euro per person. Those who purchase the online ticket combining Fly Emotion-Aerofune and Fly Emotion-Aerobosco must go directly to Bema where both activities will take place (with no additional car transfer).

Is it possible to give a ticket (as a present) to enter Aerobosco Park?

Yes, for more information click here.

What is the minimum age to enter Aerobosco Park?

There is no minimum age to access the course for children, however, you must be at least 110 cm tall. All minors must be accompanied by an adult and be under his/her supervision. When do I need to check-in? You must be at the Ticket Office for check-in at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

What happens if I'm late?

Unfortunately, for organizational reasons, arriving late means losing your booking turn. The access to the park is not granted. This depends on the number of the following reservations.

What happens in case of bad weather?

In the event of closure of the Park, due to bad weather, you will have the possibility to change to another date your entrance to the Park.

Can I carry backpacks / bags and personal belongings on the courses?

You are not allowed to bring backpacks / bags on games; you can bring them inside the park where however they will not be guarded. We recommend to leave your personal belongings in the car or at our Ticket Office.

It is possible to have lunch inside the Park?

There is not an equipped picnic-area, however feel free to have a break in the surrounded fields if you’d like to continue enjoying your outdoor experience.

Is there any special rate for numerous groups or schools ?

Yes, there are the special prices. Contact us for further information.

Is it possible to reserve the park for special events? (Bachelor/bachelorette party, corporate events)

Yes, contact us for further information.

I supervise my child on the “Marmot course”, without taking part in the course, do I have to pay?

No, if you don’t access the course.

Is there a snack bar at the Park?

No, the nearest bar is in the village. However, there is a kiosk selling drinks and ice creams at our Ticket Office.

Are there toilets in the Park?

No, the closest toilets at our Ticket Office (10 minutes walk from the entrance of the park).

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